The Word Of Wisdom

Mormons believe that the human body is a temple and that nothing impure or unholy should enter in it.  For this reason, the Lord gave his people the Word of Wisdom.  The Word of Wisdom gives members of the Mormon Church an outline of which foods, drinks, and drugs should and shouldn’t enter the body.  The revelation was given from the Lord through the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1833 when he asked whether or not chewing tobacco was appropriate for the men of his congregation to use.  It was not made a commandment until Brigham Young, Joseph Smith’s successor, declared it so.  The purpose of the Word of Wisdom is to keep members away from anything that would be considered stunt their physical and spiritual growth.

Jesus Christ MormonThe Word of Wisdom outlines multiple items that should not be used by church members.  Mormons are commanded to avoid alcohol, tobacco, tea, and coffee.   Meat is to be eaten sparingly.  Caffeinated drinks are not prohibited in the Word of Wisdom but many church members abstain from drinking them because they believe that high levels of caffeine can be harmful to the body.  The Word of Wisdom encourages members to eat plentiful amounts of wheat, fruit, and other natural, healthy foods.

Mormons believe that physical well-being can affect the spirit which is why the Lord gave us the Word of Wisdom.  The Word of Wisdom allows one to be more physically healthy than one who does not.  The frequent use of tobacco, alcohol, and other harmful drugs can cause fatal diseases.  Also, those who adhere to the Word of Wisdom can enjoy life more fully because they are free from a harmful addiction.  Misuse of alcohol has been the cause of much violence and abuse within the home.  The improper use of alcohol and drugs has lead to the breakdown of families.  It can impair judgment and cause a person to lose control.  When we adhere to the Word of Wisdom, these potentially dangerous situations can be averted.

Mormons try to seek after anything that will help them progress and make them like God.  By using harmful substances, we will never attain that goal.    The Lord promises to bestow blessings upon the members who follow the Word of Wisdom.  The Word of Wisdom allows members to think more clearly and be free from any bad habits.  The Word of Wisdom is a great way for members to show their commitment to the church by sacrificing temporary joy for eternal happiness.

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