The Teachings Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ acts as our greatest teacher.  Through his earthly ministry, he taught the multitudes, not only through his words, but through his actions.  He taught using parables, allowing a listener of any background or educational level to understand His message.   Through reading the New Testament and Book of Mormon and studying other Mormon books, we can better understand His teachings and the blessings guaranteed to us if we follow His message.  Although his teachings were given many years ago, they are still applicable today and can lead to great and everlasting happiness.

Sermon Mount Jesus MormonJesus Christ told his followers to love one another.  He showed through example the importance of kindness and service.  He taught us to be charitable and selfless.  Through his ministry on earth, he served anyone in need.  He could have been arrogant or prideful, for he was the Messiah and son of God.  Instead, he found it a reason to be charitable.  Jesus Christ taught us to love all people, even those who are hard to love.  He loves unconditionally.  Despite being a man without sin, he broke bread with the sinners and outcasts.  He was committed to uplifting others, even those who had been forgotten or given up on.  Mormons strive to follow His example in charity and service.

Jesus Christ taught us to have faith in our Heavenly Father.  Christ endured crucifixion because it was what God asked of Him.  He had faith in his father’s plan.  And because he had faith in His father, he endured such pain.  He instructs us to love God with our “heart, might, mind and strength.”  He encourages us to do all that God asks of us.  To show our faith and commitment to God, Jesus told his followers to follow the commandments that were revealed to Moses.  However, knowing that people will make mistakes, he also encouraged repentance.  Jesus taught that repentance is absolutely necessary to enter the Kingdom of God.  This is a reoccurring theme in the Book of Mormon.

Jesus taught his followers to be humble, including those in high positions of authority and leadership.  For example, the religious leaders of His day were preoccupied with the acquisition of riches and nice clothing.  Jesus Christ rebuked them in Matthew 15:6-9, saying, “‘these people draw near to Me with their mouths, and honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.”  He taught that we should not follow the laws of the world but to follow the laws of God.  He taught that there is no room for hypocrisy in the kingdom of God.  Our beliefs must be in line with our actions.  Members of the Mormon Church strive to live this principle everyday.
Through Jesus Christ, we are told to always forgive our fellow man.  Even when He was suffering and dying on the cross, he told his Father to forgive those who were crucifying Him, “for they know not what they do.”  As members of the Mormon Church, we try to follow his example by turning the other cheek.  In the New Testament, we read about the woman who committed adultery.  Her peers wanted to stone her.  Jesus Christ condemned the community, forgave the woman and told her to sin no more.  Christ taught that it is God’s role to judge, not man’s.  Mistakes are necessary for man to progress.  He has empathy for those who sin and repent.

Christ organized the twelve disciples to lead the people after He returned to heaven.  A strong belief in Mormonism is that that Joseph Smith restored Christ’s church on the earth.  As one can see, Jesus Christ’s work on earth has left a lasting impression.  When we follow His counsel, many problems can be averted and lives can be enriched.  By following Jesus Christ’s teachings, we invite a positive influence into our lives.  To better understand Christ’s teachings, I encourage you to read a Book of Mormon.  Through serving others and developing a relationship with Heavenly Father, we can find true happiness.

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